How to Maintain A Good Eye Health- Basic Things That You Should Do

How to maintain good eye health

eye health

Good eye health is important to an individual. Research has indicated that the number of individuals having eye problems is increasing year after year. The eye is a delicate organ that plays a very significant role in the life of an individual. The eye plays quite a recommendable objective in giving you the right vision. You should, therefore work to ensure that you have good eyesight and that you improve on it. There are various things that irritate the eyes hence causing damage. You should, therefore, focus on the things that make you remain focused on the way you handle your eyes to make them last longer and prevent any infections that might endanger the eye.

Eat in order to have good vision

Every body part requires proper nutrition for proper growth and development. You should, therefore, aim at identifying the meals that offer the right nutrients for the betterment of your vision. Therefore, you should first understand the fact that protecting your eyes start with the food that lies on your plate. Nutrients such as Lutein, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, zinc, and Vitamin E play a very big role in ensuring that your eyes are fed with the right nutrition and that they remain as healthy as possible. These nutrients help in reducing the possible chances of acquiring any off-age related visual disorder including cataracts and macular degeneration. Regular eating of these foods shall help in the attainment of good health. The foods include green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, collards, and kales, Salmon, tuna, oily fish, nuts, eggs, beans, non-metal protein sources, juices, citrus fruits and oranges. Eating a balanced diet should be a priority since it helps in preventing the various cases of diabetes. Diabetes has been known over the years as a major cause of diabetes

Quit Smoking

Smoking might end up posing a great danger to your health. Smoking could be dangerous and could put the health of your eyes at great danger. You should, therefore, be careful while dealing with the eye so that you do not encounter difficulties. Smoking could put you at the danger of acquiring cataracts that lead to the damage of the optic nerve, and the degeneration of the macular. Therefore, you should try as much as you can to quit smoking since it puts your eyes at great risk of acquiring permanent irreversible damages. Non smokers have lower risks of contracting some of these eye diseases.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses have a more importance rather than keeping up with the fashion trends. Sunglasses help individuals in protecting themselves from harmful radiations from the sun. Too much UV rays subjects you to the likelihood of acquiring cataracts, macular degeneration, and the damage of the optic nerve. The sunglasses that you choose should at least give you a 99% protection from the UV rays. The using of polarized lenses shall help in the reduction of the glare while driving. Some contact lenses offer UV protection but it is important that you invest in the sunglasses to ensure a 100% protection.

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Face Care – Tips For a Natural Beauty

Have you ever thought how much you face skin has to go throw. The skin of your pace is overly exposed to aggressions from foreign agents, from cold, wind and pollution. Without counting that on our faces is reflected our mood. Smiling, crying, stress and emotion are integral part of our life which leave scar on our face. This is why the face skin deserves an attentive cure to keep our beauty intact and to always show a relaxed and radiant skin whatever our age, the time of the year or the mood.

Skin type classification:

Normal skin – Is a skin that doesn’t have particular problems or sensitivity. It is presented homogeneous and compact.
Dry skin – The cause might be dehydration or scarce production of sebum. The skin is frail, cracked, and delicate and often reddens easily.
Oily skin – Shine and greasy, oily skin is caused from an excessive production of sebum and often accompanied with black heads and pimples.
Mixed Skin- Oily in the front, nose and chin (the famous T zone) end dry on the cheeks and near the eyes.
Sensitive skin- Thin and delicate reddens easily and easily is subject to erythema and sunburn.

Having a glowing and beautiful skin depends from our everyday actions. The most important things a woman should do to care of her face are:

    • Always clean your face in the morning with warm water and a delicate detergent.
    • Always remove make up the night before with a gel detergent or a detergent latte, applying a tonic to clean the pores deeper.
    • After each cleaning apply moisturizing cream, using a product adapt for your skin type.
    • Scrub your skin once a week to remove dead cells.
    • Hydration is very important not only to have a glowing and beautiful skin but to protect it against external aggressions, preventing skin aging and to keep a better make up. The moisturizer is used by day, and the night should be exploited only for facial skin treatment thanks to night creams which help to relax and repair the deteriorated skin.
    • Once or twice a week you should not give up scrubbing your skin. Careful in choosing gentle exfoliating products which remove dead skin cells without irritating it. And leaving it regenerated
    • The last there are masks treatment. They should be done every once in a while when you notice that you skin need a little more than the usual gestures. The mask can have different purposes like: hydration, emollients and nutrients or purifying and toning.

Keep in mind that not always you need to spent a fortune in products. The beauty masks can also be done at home, using only simple ingredients which you can find easily.

Coffe and pregnancy

The relationship between coffee and pregnancy is conflictual, some use it in moderation others suggest to abolish it keeping in mind some studies that warn about the dangers of coffee not just during pregnancy but also in the everyday life.
Some studies suggest that the maximal dose of caffeine amassable during pregnancy is 200 mg per day; this amount is the same you can find in a cup o espresso, and that is more than needed if during the day you also use coca- cola or red bull.

The scientific literature is in fact full of studies on the relationship between coffee and pregnancy, often by conflicting results. For some are acceptable doses of 300-400mg of caffeine, for others even moderate amounts can increase the risk of spontaneous abortion or low weight birth. So to be perfectly sure is preferable to reduce the daily intake of caffeine limiting oneself at one cup of coffee per day or not drinking it at all.

For most of doctors is important a study made in 2008 that highlighted that the daily intake of 200 mg or more of caffeine per day, during pregnancy, is associated with double possibilities of spontaneous abortion than the pregnant woman that don’t use it at all.

Even there aren’t absolute certainties about the fact that there is a risk associated with the use of caffeine rather than to the presence of concomitant risk factors, the most common in women exceeding 200 mg of caffeine per day like prudence is a must.

Also the use or d decaffeinated coffee is not suggested during pregnancy because there is a risk you consume excessive amount of chemical solvents used to extract caffeine. Actually the solvents are removed during the process of roasting