Coffe and pregnancy

The relationship between coffee and pregnancy is conflictual, some use it in moderation others suggest to abolish it keeping in mind some studies that warn about the dangers of coffee not just during pregnancy but also in the everyday life.
Some studies suggest that the maximal dose of caffeine amassable during pregnancy is 200 mg per day; this amount is the same you can find in a cup o espresso, and that is more than needed if during the day you also use coca- cola or red bull.

The scientific literature is in fact full of studies on the relationship between coffee and pregnancy, often by conflicting results. For some are acceptable doses of 300-400mg of caffeine, for others even moderate amounts can increase the risk of spontaneous abortion or low weight birth. So to be perfectly sure is preferable to reduce the daily intake of caffeine limiting oneself at one cup of coffee per day or not drinking it at all.

For most of doctors is important a study made in 2008 that highlighted that the daily intake of 200 mg or more of caffeine per day, during pregnancy, is associated with double possibilities of spontaneous abortion than the pregnant woman that don’t use it at all.

Even there aren’t absolute certainties about the fact that there is a risk associated with the use of caffeine rather than to the presence of concomitant risk factors, the most common in women exceeding 200 mg of caffeine per day like prudence is a must.

Also the use or d decaffeinated coffee is not suggested during pregnancy because there is a risk you consume excessive amount of chemical solvents used to extract caffeine. Actually the solvents are removed during the process of roasting

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