Face Care – Tips For a Natural Beauty

Have you ever thought how much you face skin has to go throw. The skin of your pace is overly exposed to aggressions from foreign agents, from cold, wind and pollution. Without counting that on our faces is reflected our mood. Smiling, crying, stress and emotion are integral part of our life which leave scar on our face. This is why the face skin deserves an attentive cure to keep our beauty intact and to always show a relaxed and radiant skin whatever our age, the time of the year or the mood.

Skin type classification:

Normal skin – Is a skin that doesn’t have particular problems or sensitivity. It is presented homogeneous and compact.
Dry skin – The cause might be dehydration or scarce production of sebum. The skin is frail, cracked, and delicate and often reddens easily.
Oily skin – Shine and greasy, oily skin is caused from an excessive production of sebum and often accompanied with black heads and pimples.
Mixed Skin- Oily in the front, nose and chin (the famous T zone) end dry on the cheeks and near the eyes.
Sensitive skin- Thin and delicate reddens easily and easily is subject to erythema and sunburn.

Having a glowing and beautiful skin depends from our everyday actions. The most important things a woman should do to care of her face are:

    • Always clean your face in the morning with warm water and a delicate detergent.
    • Always remove make up the night before with a gel detergent or a detergent latte, applying a tonic to clean the pores deeper.
    • After each cleaning apply moisturizing cream, using a product adapt for your skin type.
    • Scrub your skin once a week to remove dead cells.
    • Hydration is very important not only to have a glowing and beautiful skin but to protect it against external aggressions, preventing skin aging and to keep a better make up. The moisturizer is used by day, and the night should be exploited only for facial skin treatment thanks to night creams which help to relax and repair the deteriorated skin.
    • Once or twice a week you should not give up scrubbing your skin. Careful in choosing gentle exfoliating products which remove dead skin cells without irritating it. And leaving it regenerated
    • The last there are masks treatment. They should be done every once in a while when you notice that you skin need a little more than the usual gestures. The mask can have different purposes like: hydration, emollients and nutrients or purifying and toning.

Keep in mind that not always you need to spent a fortune in products. The beauty masks can also be done at home, using only simple ingredients which you can find easily.

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